Поздравляем РНФ с 10-летием! Все эти годы мы с вами. Благодарим за объективную экспертизу, справедливый подход, открытость и готовность к сотрудничеству! Огромное вам спасибо! Желаем всем сотрудникам фонда здоровья и плодотворной работы, а нам и коллегам - новых успешных проектов!
  1. RSF project №24-13-00283 (2024-2026) "Manganese(I) and rhenium(I) complexes as a platform for efficient (de)hydrogenation catalysts design", project head E.S. Shubina
  2. RSF project №22-13-00250 "Polynuclear organoelement compexes - synthesis, supramolecular design, functional properties", project head A.N. Bilyachenko
  3. RSF project №20-73-00301 (2020-2022) "New low-nuclearity silver (I) and copper (I) complexes with 1,2 or 1,3 diazoles derivatives as applicants for the light-emitting materials creation", project head A.A. Titov
  4. RSF project №20-73-00311 (2020-2022) "Manganese hydride complexes reactivity in proton and hydride transfer as key stages of (de)hydrogenation processes", project head E.S. Osipova
  5. RSF project №19-73-00309 (2019-2021) "Activation of the B-H bond of polyhedral boron hydrides in nucleophilic substitution reactions", project head I.E. Golub
  6. RSF project №19-13-00459 (2019-2021) "Intermolecular interactions and transfer processes of hydrogen ions in reactions involving bifunctional transition metal complexes", project head N.V. Belkova
  7. RSF project № 19-73-20262 (2019-2022) "Complexes of the 11 group metals with heterocyclic polydentate ligands for 2D and 3D compositions with tuned photophysical properties", project head O. A. Filippov
  8. RFBR-CNRS project № 19-53-15014 (2019-2021) "Activation of inert chemical bonds by complexes of first row transition metals using new types of metal-ligand cooperation", project heads O. A. Filippov (Russia) D. A. Valyaev (France)
  9. RFBR-CNRS project № 19-53-15008 (2019-2021) "Synthesis and investigation of new magnetoactive polynuclear complexes of 3d and 4f-metals in element-organic framework matrices for the creation of multifunctional materials", project heads A.N. Bilyachenko (Russia), Yu. Larionova (France)
  10. RFBR project № 19-03-00488 (2019-2021) "Metal-oxide clusters in the Cage organoelement matrices. Regularities of structure formation, catalytic properties, magnetic behavior", project head A.N. Bilyachenko
  11. RFBR project № 19-03-00524 (2019-2021) "Non covalent interactions and EH bond activation for dehydrogenation of boranes and silanes", project head E.S. Shubina
  12. RFBR project № 18-33-20060 (2018-2019) "Pyrazolate complexes of group 11 metals supported by the nitrogen and phosphorus containing ligands as a platform for the molecular luminophosres formation", project head A.A.Titov
  13. RFBR project № 18-53-7818 (2018-2020) "Homogeneous amine-borane dehydrogenation catalyzed by Rare-Earth and 3d transition metal complexes", project head E.S. Shubina
  14. RSF project № 17-73-30036 (2017-2020) "Development of molecular components for materials of organic photonics and polyfunctional magnetic materials based on organometallic compounds." - project head A.A.Trifonov, project executives-laboratory staff: A.N. Bilyachenko, I.E. Golub, A.N. Kulakova, A.A. Titov, E.S. Shubina
  15. RSF project № 17-73-10369 (2017-2019) "Designing of light-emitting materials based on supramolecular compounds of pyrazolate silver(I) and copper(I)." - project head A.A.Titov
  16. RSF project № 14-13-00801 (2014-2018) “Activation of EH bonds (E = C, N, O, B, metal) and transformation of small molecules in transition metal coordination sphere related to hydrogenation/dehydrogenation processes” – project head N.V.Belkova
  17. RFBR project № 17-03-01128 (2017-2019) “Hydrogen bonding and reactivity of group 8-10 transition metal hydrides supported by polydentate chelating ligands: spectroscopic and quantum chemical studies.” - project head N.V. Belkova
  18. RFBR project № 16-03-00324 (2016-2018) “Dihydrogen bonds in mechanisms of hydrogen transfer reactions of main group hydride complexes.” – project head E.S. Shubina
  19. RFBR project № 16-03-00609 (2016-2018) “Coordination interaction as a structure governing factor for the aggregation of metal oxide clusters in cage-like germaniumoxanes” - project (2016-2018) head A.N. Bilyachenko
  20. RFBR-CNRS project № 16-53-150008 (2016-2018) “Organoelement metal-containing cage compounds as precatalysts for “Green chemistry” reactions” - project heads F. Lamaty and A.N. Bilyachenko
  21. RFBR project № 16-33-01070 “Investigation of intermediates of amine-boranes dehydrogenation processes by copper complexes”– project head I.E. Golub
  22. RFBR project № 15-03-08017 (2015-2017) “Macrocyclic Lewis acids based on silver (I) and copper (I) pyrazolates: the formation of supramolecular systems through noncovalent binding with organometallic bases or self-organization” – project head O.A. Filippov
  23. RFBR-CNR project № 15-53-78027 (2015-2017) “Chemical Hydrogen Storage through Ammoniaborane (AB): Synthesis of AB Dehydrogenation Catalysts and Combined Spectroscopic/Computational Studies of the Mechanism of Hydrogen Release” – project head E.S.Shubina
  24. RFBR project № 14-03-00594 (2014-2016) “Spectroscopic and computational methods for the analysis of intermolecular interactions and intermediates of reactions of transition metal hydrides with acids or bases” – project head N.V.Belkova
  25. RFBR project №14-03-00713 (2014-2016) “Development of methods for the synthesis of new single molecule magnet based on coordination-related frameworks” – project head M.M. Levitsky
  26. RFBR project № 14-03-31074 (2014-2015) “Spectroscopic investigation of acid-base equilibria involving group 10 transition metal hydrides” – project head V.A. Kirkina
  27. RFBR project 14-03-31772 (2014-2015) “Cage-like metallasilsesquioxanes. Fine tuning of synthesis, catalytic and magnetic properties” – project head M.S. Dronova
  28. RFBR project № 14-03-31828 (2014-2015) “Solvate hydrido complexes of rhodium and iridium in activation or production of molecular hydrogen and proton/hydride-ion transfer” – project head E.M. Kozinets
  29. RFBR project № 13-03-00604 (2013-2015) “Reaction mechanisms with boron hydrides including hydrogen transfer and hydrogen evolution” – project head E.S. Shubina
  30. International research group “Homogeneous catalysis for sustainable development” involving partner laboratories from Russia, France and Italy. Coordinator - R. Poli, Russian coordinator – E.S. Shubina (2012-2015)